VFD-EL-W super kompaktni, kompletnih funkcija za veoma dobru cijenu

498,00 KM

  • Edge banding machine
  • Logistic conveyor
  • Material handling
  • Constant pressure pump


  • Compact, simple and durable design.
  • Multi-speed operation and control mode: digital panel, external terminal and Modbus communication.
  • Multi-pump control; PID Control.
  • Support one drive with two motors in parallel and Time Out Detection function.
  • High overload capacity, 150% rated current for 1 min.
  • Certification: CE, RoHS, GB12668.3


VFD-EL-W Sries

Delta's VFD-EL-W series is the new generation compact vector control drive. Simple, delicate and durable design inherits Delta's superior drive technology.

– Various essential functions are built-in as standard, including: Multi-step Operation; Torque Compensation; PID Control; Multi-Pump Control; Water Supply at Constant Pressure; Leakage Detection function and so on.

– It also with complete built-in protection mechanism, such as: Over-current; Over-voltage; Low-voltage; Over-heat; Over-load; Over-torque; Phase Loss Protection and so on.

VFD-EL-W not only saves the extra cost but also increase the market competitiveness with the best technics.